What is Zoomerchan?

A long time ago I moderated a subreddit, r/BasedGenZ. It was a subreddit for zoomers to freely express their opinions, outside of the usual subreddit censorship. It ended up at about 2,000 subscribers in total, before being nuked by the Reddit administrators. There was a discord too, and it eventually got banned as well. At this point I stayed out of the game for a little bit. Up until I had some spare cash, and decided to invest in a Permanent home and community for zoomers who's views are not welcome on supposed "free speech" platforms. That is the origin of Zoomerchan. Zoomerchan is an anonymous imageboard where users can post almost anything as long as it doesn't break the site rules; of which there are very few.

How can I contact an administrator?

For all forms of getting into contact with Zoomzer (the sites administrator) please refer to the Contact page. If you are interested in a quicker reply please contact through Twitter.

What filetypes are supported on Zoomerchan?

jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, png, mp3, ogg, flac, opus, webm, mp4, pdf, epub, txt.


Sharing of Data

I'll be really honest here. Even if I wanted to steal your data I would have no idea how. I'm not interested in your data as privacy is in my eyes, one of the most important things in the world.


Zoomerchan collects some basic analytics data with the use of a libre tool called Matomo, only the first two hashes of user IP's are stored, in other words if your IP was, the Matomo servers would log it as Furthermore, if your have 'Do Not Track' enabled in your browsers our analytics platform will respect it and not track any data.


The posting guide can be found here.