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(88.34 KB 600x600 The_Elder_Sign.jpg)
/basic OPsec/ Torfag 08/18/2020 (Tue) 01:40:56 No. 11
Want to know how to keep yourself safe online? How to reach godlike levels of privacy and security for this data? Take it from this guide. Prerequisites: >USB stick of at least 8 gigabytes in size. >MicroSD card of any size, but 32gb recommended. >Basic understanding of how to use a computer. >Internet connection. !!!!!WARNING!!!!! Don't attempt to do ANYTHING before carefully reading the FULL guide. !!!!!END OF WARNING!!!!! Step 1/USB stick: Assuming you used a fresh USB stick like me, you'll need to erase everything on it. Just deleting the files already there is fine. Step 2/Tails: What is Tails? Tails is a Linux operating system designed with privacy in mind. I'm not going to go into the full details, but It essentially erases itself every time you turn off your PC. And, you can install it on a USB stick, so you can take it everywhere. If you want to read the full details, look here https://tails.boum.org/. Step 3/Installing Tails: The great thing about Tails, is that it also has an amazing tutorial for installing it. I'm going to assume you're installing from windows, so use this link: https://tails.boum.org/install/win/usb-overview/index.en.html Step 4/What to store in persistent storage: Now, presumably you've got tails running, and are viewing this guide from TOR, on your tails installation. Presumably you've also set up a persistent storage folder, to store things that you don't want deleted every time you restart. When you set up your persistent storage enable these 5 things to be saved: Personal Data, GnuPG, Network Connections (if you use WiFi), Browser bookmarks, Bitcoin Client. Step 5/The micro SD card: Bet you're wondering why you had to buy that expensive micro SD card huh? Well, wonder no more. The micro SD is to be used for your absolutely critical data, that you don't even want stored on the USB, only for the most sensitive stuff. There shouldn't be much to set up here, so just keep that in mind, and keep the micro SD card in a hidden safe place. Step 6/KeePassXC: This, is very important, and you've got to follow all the steps to the letter. Open KeePassXC, and click on create new database. It'll ask you to make a Master Key, this is your Master Password, that you will encrypt all other passwords with. USE A PASSWORD YOU'VE NEVER USED BEFORE! Make it long, but memorable. In the next form, KeePassXC should have a tick mark for a "Keyfile", now, before you choose a file, go download an image using the TOR browser, any image. Move it to your MicroSD card. Name it something, and then copy it to your persistent storage. Use the image as your keyfile. If someone doesn't have this image, along with your password, they won't be able to get into your other passwords. Ignore challenge response. If you have any further questions, consult this guide: https://ssd.eff.org/en/module/how-use-keepassxc Step 7/What now?: Well, you're pretty much golden now, with all of this, if you don't make any dumb mistakes, you should be pretty safe from attacks. Learn how PGP pairs work, if you want to send encrypted messages to other systems. Trouble I encountered (and solved): >I can't see an option to connect with wifi?! You'll probably have to buy a USB wifi adapter, this is a common issue with Linux OS. I had this issue too at first, but fixed it by using tails on a different PC. Where to go now?: If you want to learn more, search, (through tails) and find the "DNM bible" It's a comprehensive guide to buying drugs of drug markets, but is also filled with lots of tips for further privacy. I'll post more to this guide when I have more. !!!!!Remember to always set the TOR browser to maximum security!!!!! (search it) Read the Mephistoles protocol, found here: http://onionlandbakyt3j.onion/index.php?topic=7480.0 !!!!!USE TAILS FOR EVERY LINK HERE!!!!! I hope this guide helps some of you get started in taking back your own privacy, and maybe it'll save your ass someday from getting v& </Torfag/>


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