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tor fag 08/06/2020 (Thu) 22:11:19 No. 9
Pro-tip: https://parazite.the-eye.eu/ Thank me later...
>>9 Download the Torrent on this site, it contains 51,436 files. Some are pdf, some are images, and some are .html files. All of these files contain hidden and forbidden knowledge. DO NOT STORE THIS ON YOUR PC Find a cheap micro sd card, 64gb at least. Store the entire archive on this file with all .rars unzipped. Hide this sd card somewhere secure. Congrats, you are now l33t.
>>9 can you explain to this pleb how these security stuff work?
>13 I can do my best to elaborate on a number of subjects, your best start is to look at this thread I posted. https://zoomerchan.com/ark/res/11.html Beyond the advice I gave in that thread, how secure you want to be very much depends on what you want to hide, and who you're hiding it from. Your Mom? At most get a VPN, and use private browsing mode. Google? Use firefox with Ublock Origin, a good VPN, and search everything with duckduckgo. Pirating stuff? Same as the previous. So, what do you need to protect? How do you suspect they're going to try and get it from you? Then I can answer. But seriously, check out the basic OPsec guide, and you'll have a good foundation on how to keep yourself more private than 99% of the population. Also remember the biggest danger to your security is yourself.


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