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/cum/ - Coomers and Degenerates

Welcome to /cum/ this is a board for sharing examples, having discussions, and collectively vomiting, at the creatures known as coomers. Global rules apply. Stay on topic. No spam.

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Zoomers...I bring grey news...I relapsed. I was at day 77 of my no-fap journey, but because of unfavorable conditions and my insomnia I did the dark deed. While I was ashamed of my self I knew self-pity won't get me anywhere, so got back to my feet and viewed my progress, what I did good and what I did wrong, and from what I learned: 1.NEVER EVER PEAK! I know how it feels to be tempted by the flesh,but trust be it ain't worth it, it will only be a downward spiral that will only end in the coom. 2.ALWAYS have something to do that is productive and doesn't involve lewd content. 3.Cold showers: those will be very helpful especially if you just started or relapsed because they force you to come out of your comfort zone and it decreases the chances to get erections. 4.Keep yourself hydrated! No i'm not joking drinking water constantly and going to pee will be very helpful since urinating releases some sexual tendency (if I remember correctly) 5.WORKOUT! You are gonna accumulate a lot of testosterone and you will have to use that sexual energy for productive purposes like building your body and staying fit (but not /fit/). Other than that, for those who still continue fighting: Keep going and never doubt! and for those who relapsed or have a tendency to do it more often, never give up you will reach high, trust my word for I was like you in the past, but with discipline and faith all of us will reach high to the heavens! Keep on zooming and not cooming! Anon out!

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Kings help! I was on day 63 of no fap and I had what is called a wet dream, I busted and woke up the feelings of shame are immense and I want to know if this counts as a relapse?

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c o m

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pORN PRODoosers

>hang on, is that a barely 18 year old teen? >w-wwait, emotionally vulnerable too!? >oh god... OH GOD... >I'- I'M g-g-gonna PRODOOS!!! >aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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>What's up guys masturbator and proud here >I don't know who this coomer guy is but i'm here to tell you that masturbation is A ok >It's not addictive at all, I only do it 6 million times a day

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fuck women

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fellow kings

>Raises glass "Gentlemen! Cooming is cringe...that's al-WAIT NO! THAT'S NOT ALL! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THE JEWS FOR ENSLAVING ME AND MY KIND TO HEDONISM AND CARNANLITY!" "ok that's all" >drinksstrawberryjuice.jpg

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