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(2.50 KB 91x125 1573061814088s.jpg)
Zoomzer 06/06/2020 (Sat) 09:47:15 No. 4
>What's up guys masturbator and proud here >I don't know who this coomer guy is but i'm here to tell you that masturbation is A ok >It's not addictive at all, I only do it 6 million times a day
tbh its fine when its like once every so often but when it gets to the point that you literally cant get happy without 'bating then you should stop >'no guyss its ok that i have no social life' >'what do you mean cooming is unhealthy??' >'if you excuse me im going back to cooming to girls on pronhub'
>>11 Reminds me, was prank calling some weebs and going on rants about shooting japs, and suddenly my phone started buzzing rapidly, one of the weebs started spamming me with hentai.
>>14 tf was he trying to achieve doing that? like did he think “ha that’ll show him” or did he just want to show someone what he cooms to or smthn
>>16 It was a she actually. Think it was a counter joke.


no cookies?