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/sig/ - Self Improvement General Zoomzer 06/23/2020 (Tue) 08:17:27 No. 18
What are my fellow monarchs doing to self improve?
>>18 Going to use this thread to spread some advice as well. Everything requires practice, and comes gradually. You're not going to get instant results or "fun leveling" as in a videogame or cooming. Start today, 30 minutes at least. If you continue that everyday, you'll notice yourself getting better. Social media, porn, and quick pleasure has robbed us of the psychologically less appealing process of working towards a goal. If you're unhappy with your weight, start eating a lot less. Not to the point of starvation, just below your necessary calories. You will begin to lose the weight. exercise helps a lot. If you're feeling stressed, find any kind of nature or forest and take a walk. You'll be surprised how good you feel when you get back home. Don't shame yourself. It doesn't help; and ends up making yourself less likely to continue with your goals. Start slowly, you don't have to make everything a death battle, it'll end up making you give up. Life isn't a shounen anime where you can just power through everything with pure rage. Looking for a quick confidence boost? Take a shower in the evening, or the morning, or both, everyday. Being clean feels nice, and having a goal you accomplish everyday trains you for your routines. Personal hygiene is also important for finding that special Queen. My final piece of advice would be to avoid blackpilling yourself. I myself have struggled with this one personally, and it occasionally leads me to feel incredibly negative. The blackpill is an abyss, and it will eventually stare back. If you're feeling down, take a break from the internet. Spend time in the forest. Talk to a friend. You can't expect to help heal the world if you're constantly feeling insane. That's all for now kings, hope you're taking care of yourselves. If I think of anything else, i'll add it here. Stay based.
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Anyone else started reading the Bible? First time I tried it I thought it was boring and gay but a few years later and it’s not as boring for some reason >>19 Good advice
day 2 of barbaric rites today upright rows are very based feel more burn in my traps than shrugs ever did
(191.03 KB 1014x1401 b9612db.jpg)
Made a workout plan, a couple of basic bodyweight workouts done to exhaustion. Started with prisoner squats, did like 100 until I got exhausted. Was to tired to finish my workout and my legs hurt for 3 days so no workout then either lol. Start slow. Also started nofap today. I'm using this cool app called Rewire Companion that tracks the time since relapses and has a cool social media/forum thing for nofap discussion. It also has an URGE! button for when you feel like your about to relapse, it shows you a bunch of motivational quotes or guides you through a simple meditation. I'm going to restart my workout tommorow (Monday) with a set number of reps this time. Also going to try to kick my reddit addiction to the curb. Remember kings, think and grow rich. You have to first believe with all your heart that you will succeed in order to reach your goals. Also here's a cool guide on a potato box I found. Haven't tried it but It looks neat.
>>21 Yes, I just did actually. Book of James is super based and makes you want to immediately get your shit together.
>>32 Where should I start getting into religion? I feel like I just can't believe. Too much raw materialism in my mind.


no cookies?