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01/8/20 Zoomerchan discord: https://discord.gg/bNyqNXE
05/5/20 The Zoomerchan update has finally arrived!.

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(78.41 KB 1545x869 coomer.jpg)
Anonymous 07/01/2020 (Wed) 16:26:26 No. 22
can we get a porn board?
>>22 I hate coomers but the no-porn rule is a bit stupid tbh. No need for a seperate board tho.
>>23 if it was allowed it needs separate board otherwise porn will be everywhere
generation z (zoomers) technically include minors, and showing porn to minors is illegal (afaik) so bad idea anon
>>22 I think porn should be allowed BUT there should be a nsfw tag and people who post porn once should have a small coomer icon and a permanent name like "coomer" attached to the ip they posted in and they should be put in the hall of shame. That would discourage it while not making it technically rule breaking.
>>23 nope, no porn thanks. zoomzer don't you dare. >>27 nope, just no porn
>>27 that's too harsh desu
>>32 thats what I wanted it to be
>>33 :(
>>22 No. >>23 "Porn" is allowed, threads FOR porn, isn't. >>30 There will never be a porn board.


no cookies?