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Created a discord for the site: Let me know if I should also make a riot. Stay based.

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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect.

Welcome to /pol/, this is the politics and news board, for discussion, and anything else related to the topic. Global rules apply, and also don't spam or stray TOO far from the topic.

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Imagine wanting to remove the British Monarchy :|

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fuck jews kill jews stomp jewish babies beat jewish kids to death twist jewish heads off rape rabbis and rip their balls off piss on the Menorah shit on the Talmud and burn it using bacon all jews are going to hell and they will burn for eternity

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Sup fags


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Humor Thread

Let's make this updated site great! Post 'em!

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/beirut bomb/

Opinions on the Beirut explosion? Seems to me like some shady stuff is going on.

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What does /pol/ think about the possibility of hyper advanced super-entities out there in the cosmos transmitting brainwaves into the human mind? Let me try to explain, this universe is incredibly old, what if there are entities out there that have evolved to be capable of receiving even the smallest traces of brainwaves coming from earth, and also capable of transmitting brainwaves back to earth and into peoples consciousness. Somewhat like an Elder god from the cthulhu mythos. And what if these entitites are actively grooming humanity down a dark path? And that there are cults dedicated to these entities that inflict pain on the young and innocent to send intense signals to these dark gods, i.e. Epstein.

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Schematics for functioning society.

Is there a basic schematic or framework that can contribute to building a good society? I'm hoping to delve into this question on this post, and see If I can analyze some possible factors in building a long lasting, and happy societal structure. It seems to many, on this website, that society has seen a continuous decline since an undefined period in history. Many try to point this mark at some point after WW1, which was an apocalyptic event to the European social order, and also began the decline of Pax Britannia, ushering in a new Era of Pax Americana. Many others point to the industrial revolution as the point where the "west" began it's general decline. As they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure", and on the left, it seems commonly to be thought that, rather than decline, the west has experienced a consistent upward trend in societal, and philosophical development, that eventually ended at the modern morals, and modern social structures; and that this progress continues, even now. I'd like to say, that personally, I don't believe either of these world views are entirely correct. Nor do I believe that any particular ideology, or school of thought can offer a catch-all solution; I believe that is a highly naive ideal to strive for, and also holds untrue to human nature, which is flawed. Maybe this contributes to my occasional annoyance with partisans on both sides, who seem to unthinkingly tow the line of their "side". Regardless of disagreements on both sides, I'd like to think that it may be possible to create somewhat of a basic framework, that can be agreed upon, that produces successful, wealthy, and happy societies. We need to start with some basic assumptions. I don't consider these assumptions particularly of great controversy, but if you disagree with me, then feel free to answer why, as I'd love to talk about it. 1: Human nature. I think the first assumption we have to make, is that past the dunbar limit, humans aren't naturally nice to each other, and will act according to our base programming (also known as lizard brain). I believe humans will act naturally, territorial, confrontational, selfish, and hostile, to other humans outside their "in-group". So the first dilemma with how to build a functioning society, past the dunbar limit (150 people), is how do we get ourselves to work together, for the greater good? Without taking good nature as a given. 2: As time goes on, errors, and small "gives" will slowly erode any structural, institutional, moral, religious, and philosophical structures in society. If this is taken as a given, we must figure out a way, to stop human nature, which is naturally entropic, from eroding pillars of the society, and eventually causing a collapse. We have a lot of words for this seemingly destined decline or decay of society, but my favourite is "decadence". I personally believe, that decadence tends to occur when resources, and human development is high, and humans begin to forget, or ignore, the dangers of unleashing human nature without moral guidelines, and laws. 3: Despite efforts to avoid structural, and sociological change, it will happen, the process can only be slowed. I'd also like to make the point, that this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Societies and states essentially act as supra-organisms, made up of people, and on a macro scale, these organisms want what every organism wants. To replicate itself. But also like every organism, the society must adapt to it's environment, and change with time. The problem occurs when that change becomes too rapid, and spreads like a cancer, removing the basic pillars of the structure itself. It changes from gradual evolution, to cancer. With these 3 basic assumptions laid down, I think we can now get into the meat of some simple guidelines, to extend the "shelf life" of a society. The first fundamental step in building a society is to create a foundation myth.

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It’s happening, pedos and glowniggers BTFO.

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Why sperg about nigs and jews when you can have a worldview based in reality?

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Why is shit so fucked? It genuinely gets me pissed. Even you guys, who tend to be far more aware than the average normalfag, get it wrong. You blame the jews, but you fail to see that everything became fucked at the advent of the industrial revolution, at which point the slow bureaucratisation of life began. Politicians, democracies, states, became inhuman machines composed only in name of humans. Rather than a system built maintained and at the whim of humanity, humanity became the slave of the bureaucracy it created, the computer of it's code. Thus real humanity was lost and we began to drift ever forward into a descent into roboticism, and a disregard for all philosophical and religious values. We industrialised ourselves, we are as much cogs now as the machines that make our disgusting wasteful fucking products, THE THOUGHT OF PARTICIPATING IN THIS SYSTEM DISGUSTS ME, THE IDEA OF EVER SURRENDING SEEMS FAR WORSE THAN JUST OFFING MYSELF. I HATE THIS WORLD, I HATE THE PSYCHOPATHIC MACHINES THAT RUN IT, AND I HATE THAT YOU, /POL/ CAN'T EVEN SEE THE TRUTH OF IT. We had our chance in Eden, we had our chance in a self sustaining system, with all the bounties of the earth, and then england decided with all it's goddamn idiocy to send us spiralling into an unsustainable. unhealthy, and meaning stripping existential nightmare of reality. The only thing we'll ever see of the goddamn future is the slow further degradation leading to an eventual slave reality full of drugged up, depressed, unthinking worker drones, who's only purpose is to prop up an economy built on the misery, and search for purpose of the disenfranchised masses. I can't stand to raise kids in such a fucked up world, kaczynski was right. I WISH we could get sent to the stone age so we would have some sort of actual meaning in our lives beyond the continuation of this system. And the worst thing is, the cat is out of the bag, there is no getting back, there is no escape, and there certainly is no future. How do I make this clear? There is no voting your way out of this. There is no revolution out of this. THERE IS NOTHING. It's unrealistic to think we can ever put the cat back in the bag. Sure, your fascist/communist/neoliberal, leader scumbag may give you some illusory hope, a promise that after that faggot is elected, or put in power, that everything will be better. But that's not true, nothing will ever fill the moral, existential, and, philosophical hole left in the world from the advent of the industrial-bureaucratic nightmare we live in. Sure, quality of life is getting higher, but what does that mean? MORE PLASTIC PRODUCTS TO CONSUME? MORE FUCKING FUNKO PRODUCTS? MORE MONEY TO HAVE? I DON'T GIVE A SHIT, I DON'T WANT IT. I just want to live my life, without being part of this ELDRITCH machine. And yes I do mean ELDRITCH, do you understand how the system works? fully? Neither do i. All I know is there is an infinitely complex, metaphysical god up there, containing all the workings of mankind, and worse there are people at the top, master cultists who understand and manipulate that unknowable and horrific system. Modern society is a god-fucking-damn lovecraftian horror. And the closest thing to a god that mankind has ever created, a self sustaining, self growing, and ever hungering bureaucratic machine, built on the entrenched suffering of the masses. FUCK NEOLIBERALS FUCK GLOBALISTS FUCK GOVERNMENTS FUCK THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. I wish, I WISH I could believe in a better world. But I can't see it ever happening. Maybe I can escape by going to live in an african jungle, but that is the last unmolested place on earth, full nature. You all truly don't understand how genuinely doomed we are. THIS RIDE NEVER ENDS. It continues becoming more horrific the farther we go, until we genuinely do become actual robots, quite literally just tools of a bureaucracy that slowly spread across the universe, with only mechanical comforts to give you the illusion.

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This might be controversial, but I actually support the EU. If you look at global geo-politics population + development = power. We'll soon be in an essential cold war with China, a country with 1.3 billion people, double the amount of people in Europe. And with America's imminent collapse, European nations need to unite the 400 million people of this continent against the chinese state. Plus, the EU can be changed from being left wing, we can make it better. But currently, despite it's liberal leanings, it's the system we need to keep Europe from falling under the Chinese sphere of influence.

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fucking kanye west is trying to run for US president. thoughts? i think it's stupid

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The Cold War

Many have asked what was the reason for the cold war; if Communism and Capitalism were two sides of the same coin, surely this rivalry shouldn't have happened, right? The explanation is quite simple. The two driving forces (communism and liberalism were created for the destruction of monarchism, and later, fascism. Once fascism was defeated, the global government could have been established, but there was a problem. The communists wanted the intl. order to be based in Moscow, as ruling over puppet states, while the capitalists wanted a financial order control of the nations based in London and New York. So, the Nationalist Communists and the Capitalists wanted to eliminate each other, but unable to do so. The capitalists eventually succeeded, and Russia fell, but then Putin arrived. I support Nationalistic communism because it will eventually lead to fascism. Just look at china, they are very close to fascism but still call themselves communist

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Found a lefty meme, can anyone interpret?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 2 is shut down. What more can they take from me?

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They took this from you... >He's stronger than you! >Has more sex than you ever will! >Works less than you! >Has no crisis of faith! >Has more testosterone than you! >Eats better than you! >Has more than you! >Pays less taxes! >Parties hard at the harvest festivals! What are you doing with yourself?

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Hearts and minds.

The Corona virus and the economic recession ahead is going to be very important for our goals. >why? Economic recession, fear, and chaos all leads to desperation, and to unrest. These are the factors required for a political shake-up. When people are unsatisfied they begin thinking. >how do we take advantage of this? I know this one will be hard for many of us, but we cannot name the (()). In western society our culture is largely now founded in the opposition to anti-(())ism, it is part of the wests cultural foundation. To be openly anti-(())tic would be to essentially kill the movement at it's core. You won't win people over. >Then how do we spread our message? Simple, focus on the good parts of nationalism, essentialism, and the benefits of strongly knit society. Don't and I mean DON'T; begin by expressing your hate or distaste for other cultures and their peoples. This is incredibly off putting. >How do we illustrate the (()) issue? Another simple and accurate way to get even leftists to agree with you, is by simply using terms such as "financial elites" or "banking establishment", "financial system", "economic imperialists", "national bankers". And then to illustrate how these groups and institutions have an ungodly level of influence in our society. Which is true. I've found using this method that I can get most people to agree with me. It doesn't help our goals to push people away by being an edgelord. That's all I shall write for now as I'm going on a walk with some friends. Take care lads, and stay based.

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How are you all dealing with virus and/or the BLM "protests"?

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Is it me or Biden and Trump are the same (puppets of the establishment)

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no power to the government no power to the rich power to the people, anarchism now

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Where do you guys land on the political compass?

hello /pol/ i was just curious about where you guys land on the political compass. for example, i did one a while ago and I landed somewhat center libleft

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guess whos back

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What is the hierarchy of the races? How do they rank in order?

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What do you guys personally think about the knight's templar?

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we're all fucked

it's all gonna be over in our lifetime fellas. i'm talking ecological collapse. the bugs are disappearing, we're at 1.2 C warming from the pre-industrial age, and once we hit 2 C we'll probably start seeing food shortages, especially of fish, mark my words the wild caught fish you see in the store will be the first to go, or it will become wildly expensive so, how are you preparing? are you just going to pretend it's not happening like all the boomer climate deniers? sometimes my dad tells me shit like "anon global warming is a globalist lie" and god a part of me wishes i could believe it. unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to fake 40+ years of research. ah well. probably our only hope is ecosocialism, but by the time we get there it may be too late.

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Thoughts on Hoppeanism?

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Who do we need when we have god on our side! Dont lift for women LIFT FOR GOD Dont masturbate READ THE BIBLE

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Anyone else here find themselves to be increasingly libertarian? Like I don't mean this new "hell yeah legal weed and buttsex" lolbert bullshit, but rather the kind where you hate the government and want to protect yourself from it. Here's my reasoning, our government has failed to protect it's citizens from the mob rule. Even GOP politiciains are failing to uphold our culture. Face it, our government hates us and doesn't deserve our respect. A woman called the police when rioters jumped on her car and the operator told her to take her frustrations to City Hall. While her life was in danger. It was republican politicains who voted to change the Mississpi flag without even asking their fucking voterbase if they wanted the change. Note: I am not a libertarian myself, in fact I am extremely fascist. But if our government hates us we should be ruthlessly opposed to it(a key principle of libertarian thinking). Of course we should pay our taxes like dutiful citizens, but not to a system that hates us. Basically, I am libertarian in my opposition to this government, fascist in my desires for a better one.

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imagine being this much of a monkey trash

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reddit ban

well shit, most right wing subs are banned

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Best Korea is at it again

GET IN HERE, THE KNIGGERS AND CHINKS ARE UP TO SOMETHING. >'YOU WILL PAY' North Korea ‘ready to exterminate’ defectors and warns it’s ‘too late’ for ‘human scum’ in South to avoid conflict

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I love furries, Wanna rp haha I love cock send poop pics

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My first post :)


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what are the politics of sneed?

what are the politics of sneed?

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jewish dance

Hava nagila הבה נגילה Hava nagila הבה נגילה Hava nagila ve-nismeḥa הבה נגילה ונשמחה

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