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(306.11 KB 2480x1954 eldritchsign5.png)
Anonymous 08/14/2020 (Fri) 14:43:56 No. 295
What does /pol/ think about the possibility of hyper advanced super-entities out there in the cosmos transmitting brainwaves into the human mind? Let me try to explain, this universe is incredibly old, what if there are entities out there that have evolved to be capable of receiving even the smallest traces of brainwaves coming from earth, and also capable of transmitting brainwaves back to earth and into peoples consciousness. Somewhat like an Elder god from the cthulhu mythos. And what if these entitites are actively grooming humanity down a dark path? And that there are cults dedicated to these entities that inflict pain on the young and innocent to send intense signals to these dark gods, i.e. Epstein.
take your meds schizo lmao there’s no way to prove that shit
>>297 There's no way to prove anything mate, literally our sense ain't even fuckin' real.
>>298 fair, but i think, until we can actually prove that this is the case, we shouldn’t go into full panic mode. we don’t even have full confirmation that there’s intelligent life on Mars yet, let alone brainwave-transmitting aliens controlling us. it’s interesting to think about, but think too much and you’ll just spiral. that’s the thing with the eldritch. they’re literally incomprehensible for the average human.
>>299 I'm not panicking Anon, I just think it's a crazy, but possible scenario. What if Hp Lovecraft was on to something?
You're thinking of Satan.


no cookies?