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/redditard/ - Redditard

Welcome to /redditard/ this a board for discussing/mocking redditors, reddit culture, soyboys, and examples of degeneracy on reddit. All global rules apply. Stay on topic. Don't spam.

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this site is ded innit?

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I am a real man

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Welcum to reddit here we have: >autistic 13 year olds >30 year old men who act like autistic 13 year olds >epic holesumz moments >shitty comics repeated daily >child grooming >le epic sexy stories pr0n >da right side of histowy >le "depression" 100 hundred sad memers >segregation

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Reddit moment

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decline of reddit

I remember when I joined reddit for the first time, literally zero people I knew used it, now it seems like everyone does... The site has only gotten worse as that progressed :|

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The soymen fear the rage comics

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>WatchRetarditDie >Right-reddit is dead! Hail Right reddit.

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Right-reddit is dead! Hail Right reddit.

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Is there any point to stay on reddit? The whole site is against us and any effort to redpill normies doesn't seem worth it. I get that we don't want the whole site to fall into a liberal circle-jerk since that will only allow more and more people who discover reddit to njoin their side but at that point they're already a lost cause. Hell, I'd go one step further and say we should all collecticely delete our accounts and never look back.

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>Install Reddit >iq suddenly drops with 7% >delete Redditard after some time >iq rises with 72% >feelinggood.jpg

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>Behold ladies and gentlemans! >I present to you the average redditor!

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Reddditardino goes in hell

>be me >be redditard >browse reddit >omgracism.jpg >go 2 riot as an ally >get raped and killed by looters >mfw i burn in hell but at least I was an "ally"

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