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Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 19:56:59 No. 12
Is there any point to stay on reddit? The whole site is against us and any effort to redpill normies doesn't seem worth it. I get that we don't want the whole site to fall into a liberal circle-jerk since that will only allow more and more people who discover reddit to njoin their side but at that point they're already a lost cause. Hell, I'd go one step further and say we should all collecticely delete our accounts and never look back.
>>12 Reddit is now a waste of time, this has been proved since the banning of r/cringeanarchy. It is time for an exodus
there are likely still much smaller right wing subs that reddit hasnt found, youll have to dig deeper. politicalcompassmemes is still up, and allows right wing content so theres that. otherwise, there isnt really much left


no cookies?