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01/8/20 Zoomerchan discord: https://discord.gg/bNyqNXE
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(17.04 KB 172x152 1599948802208.png)
f 10/22/2020 (Thu) 20:07:43 No. 29
this site is ded innit?
>>29 I really wish it wasn't. I might have to pull the plug on the project if I can't find a way to get some more activity on the site.
>>30 You better revive it faggot!!!
>>31 I've been trying, and I'm going to keep trying. Still, the main problem will always be that without consistent posters, and a unique niche, advertisement will be ineffective outside of small day spanning content bursts.
(65.16 KB 1200x630 download (1).jpg)
>>32 real sad nigga hours
I wish there were more alt chans that were active
(238.95 KB 1280x853 1604626678471.gif)
>>30 A .com for a fucking chan? I can help you, i own a chan, reinchan.org, its a lusophone one but owned a chan that had 150 pph constantly, had to shutdown because retards were doing death threats to one of our ministers lol. The chan has potential, specially if you shill it on r9k of 4cuck, and a lot other altchans, but please, change this tld, its american and they can shut you down anytime, use a .org. Shill it at kohl or anything else, fake pph by samefaging, you gotta play dirty. At the moment, I am out taking a time of IBs and because i have shit to do, if you want a talk, @reinchanadmin on telegram and we can see what we can do. also, if you are going to have an IB and yet, a damn discord server, shut the chan down, doesnt make sense.


no cookies?