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/raid/ - Raiding and Organization.

Welcome to /raid/ this is the board for organising and discussing raids and operations. All global rules apply. Stay relatively on topic, and don't spam.

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What if we made a new 'marginalized identity' to wield the power of snowflakery through

Sylphdrenum. The condition of 'Sylphdrenum' broadly cannot be described, except with a few insufficient analogies and weak explanations. There are only three things that be accurately said about Sylphdrenum. Firstly, it is the eighteenth sense, the possession thereof, and a word for those who have it('Sylphdreni' is the plural, in the latter case.) The second is that the possession of the sense is on a higher level of one's being than the material, and thus its possession cannot be physically observed, though its results can, but even they are too complex and subtle for current human science to perceive. Finally, it has no use to those who bear it. What Sylphdrenum is the perception of lies entirely outside of this universe. This perception opens up the mind to several things. Firstly, the knowledge that it is considered the eighteenth sense. Note that not all Sylphdreni have the senses 7~17(the sixth is common to all people, but for most, it must be honed before it can perceive hardly anything). Second of all, the knowledge that Sylphdreni might possibly be under the eye of a hyperdimensional god, who planted the seed of the 'sight' within them before birth. And third and finally, the sense opens the mind up to certain stimuli which create uncontrollable compulsions and ideological beliefs. Specifically, Sylphdreni are often ignorant or apathetic towards people of other marginalized identities, and tend to have radical ideologies. This is not their fault. Rather, it is brought on by compulsions that they cannot control any more than and OCD person can control theirs. In addition, they may be irritable, or anti-social, due to the constant distraction of the 'outside'. In truth, Sylphdreni struggle through their everyday lives due to the constant roar of the multiversal void assaulting their mind from all fronts and at all times. It should again be stated that Sylphdrenum is indescribable in and of itself, that is to say what can be perceived through it cannot be understood without possessing it oneself. It would be easier to describe sound to a person without hearing their entire life, or light to a person born without vision. So anyway my idea was that a bunch of people would start using this bullshit as their 'identity', as a cover for all their online shenanigans and trolling, in order to go without criticism lest the other person be called a 'bigot'. It totally appeals to the new-age stuff that's been rolling around, and it could be the spiritual successor to how 4chan invented Bronies

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Operation Guacamole N PP

Alright, so Skai Jackson has doxxed 2 minors for saying guacamole n pp and has ruined both their and their families lives. This shouldn't be tolerated. She has recently opened up the comment section on her Instagram account. Surprisingly after all that people continue to support her. We should go on her posts and the people that support her's posts and fill up the comment section with guacamole n pp in both emoji form and possibly in words.You should also write negative things about her actions. Do the same to the accounts that supporters. Cancel Culture and false wokeness has gone way too far and we must step up against the vile "progressive" hordes that usually spawn in the cesspool known as Twitter. You should mobilize now and commence the operation whenever you feel like it.

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Operation Skeletal

Let me introduce all of you to this gal over here. She goes by the name of InkJamiePlays on most platforms and has done some pretty shady stuff over her time on the internet. I will detail most of the stuff she has done and give out a little plan list at the end. >The Cindy Drama The now deleted original rant InkJam made on a girl named CINDY outertale sans wife Only blew up to a few thousand views. Her horde started harrassing that cindy person, sending death threats to her and making poorly done videos on her. She made videos detailing how she was suicidal coincidentally after InkJam's witch hunt. She made an apology afterwards where she basically put all blame on her fanbase and just gave the excuse I was in a bad mood for nearly driving a girl to suicide. Both videos are deleted but I found the apology on A FUCKING ARABIC ARCHIVE LMAO > >The LordVortex Drama A few months ago a good friend of mine named LordVortex made a 3 second shitpost about InkJamiePlays and InkJam in return retaliated with making a video about it and consiously sending a horde of fans on Vortex's channel. She also revealed the school and real name of Vortex in her discord and raided his channel many times. She now did something really scummy against Vortex that I am not allowed to detail >P*rn (eww) Account at Age 15 she had an account in deviantart and wattpadd where she made very degenerate art and stories. She deleted it after SomeSerb's now deleted video on him. There is not much remaining other than this one story where he wrote about the reader getting gangraped by 2 skeletons > >The Plan Try to act as bigoted and racist as you possibly can while spreading zoomerchan propaganda on all her social medias to bait him on making a video on zoomerchan. She has an extremely short temper and will retaliate very fast. We all can have a large lol at her reaction. act like zoomerchan is an altright death cult stalking her. >All Her Accounts > > > > > > > > > Disscuss tactics.

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BrutalBrony: A brony on YouTube. The irony with this spastic is that he calls out supposed "pedophiles" yet he is a brony and being a brony is defined as a "bestiality supporter" and he also is a narcissistic piece of shit as proven by his Twitter where he believed he could expose Shane Dawson. Dead fucking serious. He's narcissistic as shit. He also backstabbed another commentator known as "LordVortex" because he harassed an individual on Twitter who backstabbed him because LV trolled his friend, all because he never provides screenshots of these occurrences which can be traced back to his Twitter if he bothers to search. InkJamiePlays: A typical fake depressed animation meme YouTuber who threatened to report LordVortex to the police for raiding her YouTube livestream and raiding her server on multiple occassions. She is also a gargantuan hypocrite as she criticizes "tracers" yet she cannot take criticism herself. BrutalBrony: BrutalBrony Twitter: InkJamiePlays:

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Mr. Commie

lets meet this great dude known as Mr. Communist. He is a kid that makes 'commentary' videos where he just uses a still (not made by him) and shitty 2016 commie jokes.put together in a hundred dollar editor that he doesnt even know how to use.. > He used to be a friend of mine but he squirmed like a little shit and sent unironic death threats to me when he learned I was right leaning. > And when hes not sending death threats for holding opinions he likes to nuke the servers of his so called friends like LordVortex with obnoxious messages. >he deleted them rn lmao When he doesnt have an argument he resorts to shitty self deprication without addressing any arguments. > He has gone on over 3 breaks where he acted like a fucking cunt and then cried like a little shit when he got confronted on anything he did and started calling everyone muh fake friends. > He doesnt confront anyone personally but instead calls in his friends to do his dirty work for him. While also using his unfunny self deprication. This is his reaction when he learned I might be making a video on him lmao. > Thanks to LordVortex for providng me screenshots C*mmies Channel link: > More material can be posted on demand.

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Operation: Power Trannies

Operation: Power Trannies Goal: Make the troomer pride flag a de-facto banned symbol on Reddit. Method: Creating photoshops of the flag with symbols commonly associated with >le ebil alt right. Spam it enough on every tranny subreddit to the point that the jannies have to nuke every pride flag on site because it may be a dogwhistle. >Would that really work? Yes the Reddit moderators will delete anything to avoid pissing off their (((advertisers))) >I'm not creative, how can I take part? Steal some designs from this thread do your duty by spreading them. >Which subs are targeted? Any subreddit that is trans related. >What if I get banned? Make a new account and start posting on a different sub before making it back to the one you were banned from. >Wouldn't we need a bunch of people to do this? Yes. Share this around. >When do we begin? Not sure, discuss.

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Has anyone seen evidence of glowposting?


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let me introduce all of you to this lovely individual. Who goes by the name Brutal on youtube and is responsible for masterpieces like this: > He is a twitter addicted gay man who also likes raping ponies. he seemingly goes on twitter mental breakdowns every week on this account where the half of his following part is filled with bronies. and is responsible for extremely thoughtful tweets like these: > > And when he gets genuinely called out on stuff he did he resorts to going on the podcasts of people much popular than him and essentially sucks their dick as hard as he can and starts mocking the guys editing and laughing like hyenas when they are all out of arguments. > > Channel link: >

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