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(578.76 KB 1200x732 1588799634521.png)
Operation: Power Trannies Anonymous 06/06/2020 (Sat) 10:00:41 No. 1
Operation: Power Trannies Goal: Make the troomer pride flag a de-facto banned symbol on Reddit. Method: Creating photoshops of the flag with symbols commonly associated with >le ebil alt right. Spam it enough on every tranny subreddit to the point that the jannies have to nuke every pride flag on site because it may be a dogwhistle. >Would that really work? Yes the Reddit moderators will delete anything to avoid pissing off their (((advertisers))) >I'm not creative, how can I take part? Steal some designs from this thread do your duty by spreading them. >Which subs are targeted? Any subreddit that is trans related. >What if I get banned? Make a new account and start posting on a different sub before making it back to the one you were banned from. >Wouldn't we need a bunch of people to do this? Yes. Share this around. >When do we begin? Not sure, discuss.
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>>1 We can start off by making tranny accounts and start tweeting shit like The alt-right is using the former trans flag as a dogwhistle to help their agenda. Please report every person you see that has a trans flag on his profile as genuine trans people are now overnumbered by alt-right trolls #pride #savetranspride
>>18 That's a smart idea anon.
>>19 is savetranspride a good #?
>>20 definitely. It'll get the virtue signalers on a mission
(283.10 KB 743x518 Ekran Alıntısı.PNG)
>>1 my friends are doing their part. First tweet boys.
>>22 Based. I'll get on making some images and templates to put in this thread.
>>23 good
(90.77 KB 500x500 ltjsqjaf7f651.jpg)


no cookies?