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(127.23 KB 381x475 skai jackson doxxing.PNG)
Operation Guacamole N PP Anonymous 07/31/2020 (Fri) 00:00:26 No. 51
Alright, so Skai Jackson has doxxed 2 minors for saying guacamole n pp and has ruined both their and their families lives. This shouldn't be tolerated. She has recently opened up the comment section on her Instagram account. Surprisingly after all that people continue to support her. We should go on her posts and the people that support her's posts and fill up the comment section with guacamole n pp in both emoji form and possibly in words.You should also write negative things about her actions. Do the same to the accounts that supporters. Cancel Culture and false wokeness has gone way too far and we must step up against the vile "progressive" hordes that usually spawn in the cesspool known as Twitter. You should mobilize now and commence the operation whenever you feel like it.
sorry for some of the grammar mistakes
Wow that seems kinda counter productive. I mean cancel culture is annoying but it seems it would be more productive to get someone to talk to her about what she did And maybe have her talk to the kids
>>58 I dont think we can talk about muh counterproductivity!!! dont stoop to her level!! when she literally ruined the lives of 2 teenagers.
>>59 Yes but just commenting shit to piss her off wont do anything. It wont help thise kids a and it won't affect a millionaires daughter. Like I get u don't agreed with being the better person or whatever but it just dosent do anything it's not even cancel culture its a rich girl being a stupid cunt that's all. Like maybe if the kids lives were hurt by this maybe try and help them instead of throwing need darts at a girl covered in armor


no cookies?