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What if we made a new 'marginalized identity' to wield the power of snowflakery through Indi 09/18/2020 (Fri) 02:03:58 No. 61
Sylphdrenum. The condition of 'Sylphdrenum' broadly cannot be described, except with a few insufficient analogies and weak explanations. There are only three things that be accurately said about Sylphdrenum. Firstly, it is the eighteenth sense, the possession thereof, and a word for those who have it('Sylphdreni' is the plural, in the latter case.) The second is that the possession of the sense is on a higher level of one's being than the material, and thus its possession cannot be physically observed, though its results can, but even they are too complex and subtle for current human science to perceive. Finally, it has no use to those who bear it. What Sylphdrenum is the perception of lies entirely outside of this universe. This perception opens up the mind to several things. Firstly, the knowledge that it is considered the eighteenth sense. Note that not all Sylphdreni have the senses 7~17(the sixth is common to all people, but for most, it must be honed before it can perceive hardly anything). Second of all, the knowledge that Sylphdreni might possibly be under the eye of a hyperdimensional god, who planted the seed of the 'sight' within them before birth. And third and finally, the sense opens the mind up to certain stimuli which create uncontrollable compulsions and ideological beliefs. Specifically, Sylphdreni are often ignorant or apathetic towards people of other marginalized identities, and tend to have radical ideologies. This is not their fault. Rather, it is brought on by compulsions that they cannot control any more than and OCD person can control theirs. In addition, they may be irritable, or anti-social, due to the constant distraction of the 'outside'. In truth, Sylphdreni struggle through their everyday lives due to the constant roar of the multiversal void assaulting their mind from all fronts and at all times. It should again be stated that Sylphdrenum is indescribable in and of itself, that is to say what can be perceived through it cannot be understood without possessing it oneself. It would be easier to describe sound to a person without hearing their entire life, or light to a person born without vision. So anyway my idea was that a bunch of people would start using this bullshit as their 'identity', as a cover for all their online shenanigans and trolling, in order to go without criticism lest the other person be called a 'bigot'. It totally appeals to the new-age stuff that's been rolling around, and it could be the spiritual successor to how 4chan invented Bronies


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